TARA (Transmission Adequacy & Reliability Assessment)

TARA is a steady-state power flow software tool with modeling capabilities and analytical applications that extend beyond traditional power flow solution.

Using extraordinarily robust and speedy linear (DC) and non-linear (AC) power flow calculations, TARA integrates data checking, N-1/N-1-1 reliability analysis, transfer limit calculation, preventive and corrective dispatch, critical facility identification, reactive analysis, outage analysis, model building, and region specific tools for generation deliverability and reserve requirements analysis.

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SCD (Security Constrained Dispatch)

Security Constrained Dispatch is a tara Add-On that can use generation data to re-dispatch to relieve constraints.

ORA (Outage Reliability Analysis)

Outage Reliability Analysis is a TARA Add-On that can be used to assess outages as part of an outage coordination process. This analysis is done by creating future models and testing the outages in those models. There are several methods for studying outages. The ORA results from TARA can be reviewed in the ORA dashboard.

AMB (Automated Model Builder)

Automated Model builder is a tara Add-On that can create future cases with scaled load and gen.

Generation Deliverabilty

Generation Deliverabilty tools are tools used by the ISO/RTOs as part of the new resources interconnection process. PowerGEM generation deliverability tools are the official tools used by MISO, CAISO, and PJM.


pyPowerGEM is the python package containing all the PowerGEM python modules. These modules include case comparison, tara.exe automation, and the TARA API. The package contains a folder of examples and documentation of the functions as both PDF and HTML.

PROBE (Portfolio Ownership & Bid Evaluation)

PROBE is a high performance simulation software that provides a simple and efficient study and decision support tool for electricity markets. The software has remarkable abilities to simulate the day-ahead and real time LMP-based market clearance, utilizing a full transmission model and conventional N-1 contingency analysis.

PAAC (PowerGEM AFC / ATC Calculator)

PAAC is software for calculating NERC MOD 30-compliant Available Flowgate Capability (AFC) and path Available Transfer Capability (ATC) values. It is a key part of the electricity transaction management system that coordinates existing schedules and future reservations within the bounds of the grid capability and established business rules. Calculated values are ready for OASIS posting for all standard time horizons and products. The PAAC Viewer is a user-friendly Excel-based interface that is used to study and document PAAC calculations in a more interactive manner.

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