TARA Studio


TARA Studio is a power system visualization tool used to open, solve, and edit powerflow cases. TARA Studio offers the ability to visualize bus diagrams and power flow solutions. Using the bus diagrams an engineer can move from bus to bus to investigate the way teh system is interconnected and how the power flows.

Advantages of TARA Studio

  • Compatible with TARA
  • Object based editing
  • Case data editing tables
  • Supported multiple windows
  • Use of TARA INCH File format to track changes

Supported Models

Supports many popular file formats for reading

Traditional Planning models and contingency files

  • Bus/Branch approach
  • Supports current popular file formats
  • Read and save LF case directly with no additional conversion

Object Views

View Equipment as Objects

  • Investigate Individual Equipment
  • Update Individual Properties
  • Equipment Properties Listed Completely

Bus Diagrams

Bus Diagrams

  • Shows connected buses
  • Shows all connected equipment
  • Shows 2 buses away
  • Interactive for moving to the next diagram
  • Color coded by voltage level
  • Flow on lines shown using circle charts

Case Editing

Case Editing

  • Cases can be edited in TARA Studio
  • Equipment can be edited individually on the Bus Diagrams
  • Case Data is available as an editable table
  • Edited cases can be saved as a new case