The experts at PowerGEM are available to consult with you in your efforts to:

Foster Electricity Markets

Efficient electricity markets need data, clear and fair rules, and a practical appreciation of the physical reality. PowerGEM has developed market rules, interpreted market data, computed grid availability (ATC/AFC), and supported regulatory proceedings

Maintain Reliability

A competitive but unreliable electricity supply will be a societal failure. PowerGEM's understanding of power grid planning and operations practices stand behind all our consulting assessments and software developments.

Analyze Transmission Requirements & Investments

Whether your concern is a safe grid connection, congestion management, or fostering efficient markets PowerGEM has the tools and capability to evaluate the requirements and cost/benefit tradeoffs of transmission upgrades.

Value and Optimize Assets

Transmission limits to generating plant operation or expansion can greatly affect the value of a new or acquired asset. PowerGEM has years of experience in generator fatal flaw assessment, interconnection needs, and support of economic strategies.

Manage Congestion

Transmission congestion, while complicated, can be managed by financial instruments or facility upgrades. PowerGEM has experience and tools to understand and manage congestion risk.