AMB (Automated Model Builder)

TARA - Transmission Adequacy & Reliability Assessment


AMB is a TARA add on that builds future models using a seed case and other input data.

Automated Model Builder

AMB Features

  • Build AC-solved cases that represent future time periods
  • Supports both Planning(Bus/Branch) or EMS(Nodal) models for input and output
  • Incorporates load forecasts, generation outages, transmission outages, and area-to-area transactions
  • Multiple methods of dispatch selection to meet scaled load
  • Can use NERC SDX for source of load forecasts, outages, etc for US Eastern Interconnection LF cases.
  • Various data formats are supported.
  • Options available for redispatching include block dispatch, unconstrained economic dispatch, and security-constrained dispatch
  • Run as a script-based automated process or through Excel-based user interface
  • EMS-based AMB uses full EMS network data and historic dispatch as a basis to build future cases

Paper presented at FERC on AMB