ORA (Outage Reliability Analysis)

TARA - Transmission Adequacy & Reliability Assessment


ORA (Outage Reliability Analysis) is an add on application for TARA. ORA is used to build future cases using AMB (Automated Model Builder) and assess the status of outages provided in the newly constructed cases.

Outage Reliability Analysis

ORA Features

  • Use Planning(Bus/Branch) or EMS(Nodal) models
  • Perform a before/after analysis for each outage
  • Do standard N-1 DC/AC analysis or do Security-Constrained Dispatch
  • Various approaches for evaluating a queue of outages (cumulative, one-at-a-time, etc.)
  • Analyze multiple time periods together in a single session (e.g. next 30 days)
  • Run as script-based automated process or through an Excel user interface
  • Multi-Core mode available for better performance
  • Results can be saved to a database file
  • ORA Dashboard now available with ORA addon
  • ORA Dashboard gives visual interface for investigating and analyzing ORA results

See http://www.ferc.gov/CalendarFiles/20140411125613-M3%20-%20Condren.pdf for more info