pyPowerGEM is the PowerGEM Python Package designed to work directly with TARA. Python is a batteries included programming language with extensive functionality. pyPowerGEM package uses a TARA binary to allow direct access to case data for reading data directly from TARA's memory. This allows fast exploration of power systems cases and allows integration of python into an engineer's workflow. Python comes with many standard libraries that can be used for reporting, reading files, automating analysis, calling processes, and more.

Advantages of pyPowerGEM

  • Python package for working with TARA
  • Access case data in memory
  • Free with TARA
  • Includes documentation of the API
  • Includes a folder of example scripts
  • Only uses the Python standard library
  • Under active development

Supported Models

Supports many popular file formats for reading

Traditional Planning models

  • Bus/Branch models supported
  • Supports current popular file formats
  • Read and Write LF cases directly from pyTARA



  • Object Oriented Design
  • Focused on case investigation and editing
  • Direct Access to case data for reading
  • Can load and solved cases
  • Can update power flow solution options
  • Can edit cases using python functions


Case Comparison

  • Comare 2 PowerFlow cases in different ways
  • Compare Solutions
  • Compare various properties of equipment like status
  • Find Equipment in one case and/or the other
  • Object Oriented Differences
  • Quick reporting functions, comparison can be done with 5 lines of python
  • Custom reporting to allow for multiple types of comparison reports


TARA Scripting Mode Wrapper

  • Wraps TARA's existing script mode interface
  • Provides several execution styles
  • Quickly build analysis automation from existing TARA functionality
  • Many of TARA's analysis can be automated directly