SCD (Security Constrained Dispatch)

TARA - Transmission Adequacy & Reliability Assessment


SCD (Security Constrained Dispatch) is an add on application for TARA. SCD is used to prevent issues in a case by making adjustments to generation when post contingency loading issues occur. In preventive mode, these change are made pre contingency to eliminate the post-contingency loading while not creating any new constraints

Security Constrained Dispatch

SCD Features

  • Security-Constrained Economic Dispatch (SCED) minimizes total bid production cost while observing N-1 constraints
  • Security-Constrained Redispatch (SCRD) minimize total amount of MW redispatch while observing N-1 constraints
  • Both preventive and corrective modes are available
  • Phase Shifter optimization.
  • High performance – SCD can enforce 10,000+ contingencies in preventive mode for LF cases with 70,000+buses
  • Able to optionally enforce N-1 AC post-contingency flows
  • Can be used in conjunction with N-1-1 analysis