PJM Operations Report - Perfect Dispatch has achieved over $1.17 billion saving for PJM customers

The estimated cumulative production cost savings through December 2015 is over $1,170 million with over $146 million in savings thus far in 2015.

For more information check PJM Operations Report (slides 13-18)

Perfect Dispatch is a unique application of the PROBE software to study real-time market performance.

Click here to find more information about PowerGEM PJM Perfect Dispatch implementation.

Tenth Annual PowerGEM Software Users Group Meeting

The 2015 PowerGEM Software Users Group Meeting took place on September 24-25 at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill. In total, almost 70 representatives from 32 companies attended this UGM.

PowerGEM appreciates active participation of many attendees and would like to thank the following users for their presentations:

  • Binaya Shrestha, CAISO, "Use of TARA in CAISO Transmission Planning Studies"

  • Daniel Johnson, Gopakumar Gopinathan, CAISO, "Utilizing TARA in Operations at CAISO"

  • Jason Sexauer, PJM, "Outage Analysis Automation"

  • Keith Burrell, NYISO, "TARA Applications for NYISO Transmission Studies"

  • Shane O-Brien, MISO, "MISO Generation Deliverability"

  • Mariah Winkler, Dwarakesh Nallan, ISONE, "ISO New England's Market Resource Alternatives. Utilizing TARA's Clustering Application"

July 2014 IEEE PES General Meeting, Super Session "Grid Operations: Practices and Challenges" (National Harbor, MD)

Qun Gu, PowerGEM Principal Consultant made the presentation "Real-time Market/Operation Simulation Pertaining to "Perfect Dispatch (PD) Metrics"". This Presentation addresses real-time market/operation simulation technology and 6 years of PD operation experience by PJM which helped to achieve over 875 million production cost savings to PJM members.

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