Boris S. Gisin, Ph.D.

Boris S. Gisin, Ph.D.

President & Chief Scientist

Boris Gisin has been involved in high performance power system simulation and optimization software since 1982. He has developed software that has been used by a large number of utilities, RTOs and ISOs in the USA, the former Soviet Union and several other countries.

Boris became the President and Chief Scientist following a growth investment by TA Associates into PowerGEM.

Boris joined PowerGEM in 2000 as a Partner and Vice President and became President in 2014. He leads the development of software focusing on technical and business aspects of transmission congestion in competitive electricity markets, including:

PROBE - PoRtfolio Ownership & Bid Evaluation software that has been in daily use by several of the largest US RTOs for day-ahead and real time market simulation

TARA - Transmission Adequacy & Reliability Assessment software, used for new complex transmission planning applications

PAAC - PowerGEM AFC / ATC Calculator software, used on hourly, daily and monthly basis to coordinate transactions for the largest control areas in the US

From 1992 to 2000, he was with Power Technologies, Inc. (PTI). While at PTI, he was the original primary developer of the PTI MUST software.

Boris Gisin holds a MS degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Electrical Engineering.

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