Biagio Pinto

Biagio Pinto

Lead Engineer

Biagio Pinto is a Lead Engineer at PowerGem and joined PowerGEM in January 2015. His primary duties are in the development of TARA software features, python API development, database development, web administration, license code management, TARA production testing, support for client automation environments, technical client support, and IT governance.

Prior to joining PowerGem, he was employed for almost 10 years at PJM Interconnection in several different roles in both Operations and IT. He worked in the Transmission group as an engineer on outage analysis in both the Siemens EMS and TARA. He was the Technology Lead and Primary Developer on an automated outage analysis system using nodal models and TARA at PJM. He worked on several projects at PJM as a project manager and tech lead. He's been through several tech audits as a software owner. He worked in IT as an application devloper supporting critical engineering apps in real time operations. He got python tools approved for engineers at PJM. He has extensive Real Time Operations, IT Production, and Outage Analysis experience from his years at PJM.

He enjoys supporting engineers, helping them get the tools they need, and programming in Python/C. He admits that he knows some Perl 5.

Mr. Pinto has a BS in Electrical/Computer Engineering from Rutgers University in New Brunswick and a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia.